Halloween Special 2020

In this spooky special, Jack and Brian encounter three horrific tales of woe, each more murderous than the last. Jack finally solves his problems with his family. Brian has a terrifying new girlfriend. The Bunker Brothers face the apocalypse.
Rob Chesler, Jaimy Van Es, and Alec Hall guest star.

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Ep. 21: Carol

In the first season finale, Brian tricks Carol into visiting the Bunker so she and Jack can get back together. Carol reveals the true nature of her extramarital relationships and the content of her OnlyFans page.

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Ep. 17: Theater Director

After hearing the podcast, a local Musical Theater director (Michael Price, The Simpsons) wants to turn Brian and Jack’s life story into a musical. Jack wants no part of it, but Brian is willing to sing his lungs out in order to prove he has the talent to play himself.

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