S2E7: Jack’s Boss

Jack’s Boss stops by to check on Jack, who has been faking sick from work. Brian urges Jack to stop lying to his boss, but Jack believes he can maintain control of his web of lies.

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Minisode 8: Warriors of Virtue

Because Brian needed some time to recover after last week’s shocking revelations, we’re throwing it back to January 6th, the day of the Capitol Riot, for a minisode about kung fu kangaroos. We’re discussing the absolutely terrible movie, Warriors of Virtue, in which a kid with a bum leg travels through a portal in the sewers and winds up the center of a horrible attempt to crib moves from the Ninja Turtles.

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S2E3: Private Dick

In the gripping conclusion of the three-part murder mystery saga, Jack and Brian hire a private detective to determine once and for all whether Joe Parisi, a.k.a. The Bunker Insurance Guy, is the killer.

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