Ep. 17: Theater Director

After hearing the podcast, a local Musical Theater director (Michael Price, The Simpsons) wants to turn Brian and Jack’s life story into a musical. Jack wants no part of it, but Brian is willing to sing his lungs out in order to prove he has the talent to play himself.

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Ep. 14: High School Stoner

Estranged from his wife and kids, Jack reverts to his irresponsible high school persona and decides to reformat the podcast. Brian is shocked to learn that he’s been replaced and that Bunker Brothers is now, “The Jack-Hole,” an attempt to recreate the success of Howard Stern and Joe Rogan.

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Episode 11: Secret Service

Also available on Spotify and the Apple Podcast App! After Brian writes an incendiary anti-cop Facebook post, a Secret Service member bangs on the door and demands to inspect the Bunker. Brian and Jack are forced to decide how far they’re willing to go to stay out of trouble with the federal government. This episode […]

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