S2E4: Video Game Waifu

To get over his ex, Brian dates a woman in a Mass Effect-like video game. Jack tries to prevent Brian from clogging the family credit card with microtransactions.

Special thanks to Allegra Clark who played Menaii Luxu M’Waifee, the video game girlfriend in this episode. You may recognize her voice if you’re a gamer, because she is an extremely talented voice actor from many popular video games, like Dragon Age: Inquisition, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Apex Legends. Check out her IMDB at this link. You can follow her on Twitter and Twitch as well @SimplyAllegra.

Special thanks to Laura Sanders who did a fantastic job this week as Carol, specifically the gut-busting line about the toaster.

Special thanks to Diego Torrado for his wonderful and ever-evolving take on Bobby. What won’t that kid do?

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