Christmas Special 2020

In this extra-long Christmas episode, Brian becomes a stripping Santa Claus, Jack won’t stop speaking in Cockney, and previous guests return to sing a brand-new, incessantly catchy Christmas song.

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Thank you very much for joining us for the Bunker Brothers Christmas Special. Happy holidays to you and yours. I’m Matt Shore. I played Brian Gobbins. With me as always was Mike Kolar who played Jack Gobbins. 

Christmas special thanks to Laura Sanders who played Carol Gobbins, and Alec Hall who played our neighbor-slash-guardian-angel Mao.

This episode had a bunch of our previous guests return, and I’d like to take some time now to thank them all:

Thank you to Tim Barnes, who played Principal Principle, Michael Price, who played local theater legend Paul McCartney, Diego Torrado who played Bobby Gobbins, Kat Palardy who played Ginger LaCroix as well as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Wilson Chavo Rivera as piping hot seaman, Jimmy Bones, Zack Kelley as Julius Gobbins and the singer of our theme song, Tim McGovern as Martin McCallister the Norton Sea Rat, Rachanee Lumayno as Miss Karen, Molly as Natalie the DND Babysitter, Gabrielle Williot as Nina Precious, Michael Rosenblum as Phil the Lawyer, Kevin Bain as Trevor the Antiquarian, and Kevin McConnell as Vinnie the Road Comic obsessed with 5G.

I’d also like to dedicate this episode as well as its Christmas song to my dear departed friend, Ryan Brady, who passed suddenly on Thanksgiving. I worked with a mutual friend, the great Braxton Boren, to produce a Christmas song in the style of Ryan’s music. Check out his album, Uncle Salsa and the Pelican Boy on Spotify now. Thank you to Braxton and his friend who lent him a recording studio in which to produce and arrange the music. Lyrics and melody by me!

Rest in peace, Ryan. We’ll miss you buddy.

I’d also like to thank Mike Kolar for putting up with my wacky scheme to do this episode in a way we’ve never done one before. It was a pain the butt to edit, but hopefully it brought you all some laughs after the hellscape that was 2020. Here’s to 2021 and a whole new season of Bunker Brothers, preferably with someone else editing, because I need a drink.

Stay safe, happy and healthy out there. Peace!


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