Episode 10: DND Babysitter

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Reporter Hazel releases an article that claims Jack is sleeping with his babysitter. Brian invites the babysitter to the Bunker to clear the air, but she’s harboring a secret passion.

This episode features Molly (last name omitted by request) as Nat the Babysitter. We didn’t know Molly before we recorded this episode. We met her online! It’s crazy what a good job she did considering it was such a random thing. The idea for Nat’s character came from a girl I met through a discord server while playing Animal Crossing. This girl was 19 and cussed like a sailor, looked like a princess and loved gaming. The contrast between her cute features and sassy demeanor made me think she’d make a great character. Molly’s interpretation of the character is a bit more genial, but her insane DND (Dungeons and Dragons) style tabletop RPG definitely captures the chaotic spirit of the real person she’s based on.

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