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Season 2, Episode 4


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Bunker Brothers is a comedy podcast about two half-brothers, Jack and Brian Gobbins, whose late father left them an expansive underground Bunker.

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  • Minisode 9: In Dreams
    Brian tries to make sense of his Matthew Modine related dreams by watching the Annette Bening movie, In Dreams, but it leaves the Bunker Brothers more confused than ever.
  • S2E4: Video Game Waifu
    To get over his ex, Brian dates a woman in a Mass Effect-like video game. Jack tries to prevent Brian from clogging the family credit card with microtransactions.
  • Minisode 8: Warriors of Virtue
    Because Brian needed some time to recover after last week’s shocking revelations, we’re throwing it back to January 6th, the day of the Capitol Riot, for a minisode about kung fu kangaroos. We’re discussing the absolutely terrible movie, Warriors of Virtue, in which a kid with a bum leg travels through a portal in the sewers and winds up the center of a horrible attempt to crib moves from the Ninja Turtles.

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Meet the family


A stressed out cynic who views the Bunker as a burden.

Brian Gobbins

A childish slacker obsessed with uncovering the Bunker’s secrets.

Julius Gobbins

A local legend, gambler and philanderer who died and left Jack and Brian the Bunker.


A vicious disease-ridden beast with no remorse.

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