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Season 2 Premieres may 12th

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Bunker Brothers is a comedy podcast about two half-brothers, Jack and Brian Gobbins, whose late father left them an expansive underground Bunker.

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  • Christmas Special 2020
    In this extra-long Christmas episode, Brian becomes a stripping Santa Claus, Jack won’t stop speaking in Cockney, and previous guests return to sing a brand-new, incessantly catchy Christmas song.
  • Minisode 7: Backtrace
    After Brian receives a tweet from Matthew Modine, he decides to celebrate a new holiday, “Modanukkah,” in spite of Jack’s objections. The half-brothers watch Backtrace (available on Hulu) and discuss the convoluted plot.
  • Breensgiving 2020 Minisode
    In this Neil Breen themed minisode, Brian and Jack watch the movie Fateful Findings and discuss shirt-ripping, repetition, and Neil Breen’s naked body.

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Hear special guests like writers from The Simpsons, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, stand-up comics, Second City improvisers and more!

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Meet the family


A stressed out cynic who views the Bunker as a burden.

Brian Gobbins

A childish slacker obsessed with uncovering the Bunker’s secrets.

Julius Gobbins

A local legend, gambler and philanderer who died and left Jack and Brian the Bunker.


A vicious disease-ridden beast with no remorse.

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