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Season 2, Episode 7:

Jack’s Boss

underground comedy


Bunker Brothers is a comedy podcast about two half-brothers, Jack and Brian Gobbins, whose late father left them an expansive underground Bunker.

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    Hello, everyone! We’re putting Bunker Brothers on hiatus for a little while because the time and effort that it takes to produce the show is a bit overwhelming, especially because […]
  • Minisode 12: The Suicide Squad
    Brian shocks Jack with an extremely rip-roaringly hot take about the new James Gunn comic book film, The Suicide Squad (Available Now on HBO Max). Watch the movie before listening, as there are spoilers a plenty. What did you think of the (REDACTED) starfish at the end?
  • S2E7: Jack’s Boss
    Jack’s Boss stops by to check on Jack, who has been faking sick from work. Brian urges Jack to stop lying to his boss, but Jack believes he can maintain control of his web of lies.

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Meet the family


A stressed out cynic who views the Bunker as a burden.

Brian Gobbins

A childish slacker obsessed with uncovering the Bunker’s secrets.

Julius Gobbins

A local legend, gambler and philanderer who died and left Jack and Brian the Bunker.


A vicious disease-ridden beast with no remorse.

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